---Materials are Due no later than Thursday, August 28th---
*materials are for art class only!*

Sketchbook: 9x12 or 14x17 (one of these sizes only)
--drawing utensil: pencil or pen of your choice

(1) 3-ring binder/folder

Camera:--must have personal camera to use for this class--
-- a basic “point & shoot” digital camera will work fine
-- it must have at least 10MP (Megapixels)- (3264x2448) No Smaller!...this allows us to print at least a nice quality 8x10 size photograph. (the megapixels should be written on the front of any camera)
-- the camera must have a 4x zoom (minimum)

*bring in USB cord that comes w/camera to upload images to computer
*bring camera manual if you have it

1G memory card (minimum)

--Most cameras come with either no memory cards at all or a very small one. So please purchase a 1G so you will have room to take a lot of photographs on your camera.

Camera case
-- You’ll be bringing your camera back and forth a lot!

1 package clear sheet protectors or can share a pack with a friend

1 jump drive/flashdrive: 512M or larger

*$ to print your final photograph at the end of each project:
--You will be responsible for printing the final edited photograph(s) for each project using our specific photography class printer. This printer was purchased to save photo & graphic design students money that would’ve been spent at kinko’s or walgreens. We do ask for a much smaller price of $1-2 dollars/project to handle the costs of ink & photo paper. So please set aside money & time to get these printed each project

Additional materials might be needed throughout the year. You will have adequate time to purchase the extra items.