Photographer Research Paper

Notre Dame Library:
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Paper: 4 full pages, double-spaced, 12 pt, Times New Roman.
Include the following answers in your paper:
*Give a history/background of your photographers life. When did they start photographing? What got them into photography?
*What is your photographer known for? What famous images did they create? What was their style?
*What was the meaning or concept behind their images? Were they responding to the world around them? What impact did their images have on society?
*Talk about how you photographed in a similar style? Did you use the same subject matter? Same set-up or poses? Same look or feel?
*What are the similarities & differences between your photographs and theirs?
*Tell us why you picked this photographer you liked their style or not.

Include a Works Cited page after your 4 full pages, citing all your sources in proper MLA format:
  • include a list of at least three properly cited sources

Photographs: Take at least 10 images in the style of the photographer you chose. Print at least (1) 8x10 image for presentation, up to however many you you decide adequately portrays your final project. Display, mat, or mount in whichever method you want.

Presentation: 5 minute presentation on your photographer and his/her style. Print of some famous images, in class, that your photographer took to show us during your presentation. Talk about your final print and how it relates to the images your photographer created.

List of photographers to choose from: